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Montrose Food Mart And Deli now offers our own highlander’s hut with traditional polish food for any occasion.
Beautifully served main dishes taste like homemade cooking.
You can’t do successful party without our party trays !!
Montrose Food Mart And Deli creates one of a kind desserts that will dazzle your guests and sweeten their senses.

Highlander's Hut - Food Catering Services

You can make a great impression on your guests with our Highlander’s Hut food catering. Get all your favorite prepared foods in one unique display for all to marvel at and enjoy. The Highlander’s Hut can be the special focus of your party, especially during the holidays when you need Christmas catering.
Make it a themed gathering and decorate our Highlander’s Hut with all the delicacies that make everyone’s mouth water. There is no better way to add more than just great flavors when catering for a party than a fantastic hut display to make your food the center of attention.

Food Catering for Dinner

Whether you need to serve many guests through wedding catering or a small group that required catering food, we have the best catering service for your dinner party or big event. We take care of it all to provide hot food catering for all your guests and make the event memorable with delicious catering services.
We know how to set up a dinner table while keeping your food warm and your guests happy. Plus, if you’re not sure what to serve, we can offer amazing help with catering food ideas that will bring your event to life.

Trays - Catering Services Chicago

For a feast that can be prepared quickly to serve any occasion, we are your local catering specialists with a variety of party catering trays you can choose from. Sandwiches, wraps, fresh meats, desserts, and other great food ideas, we can provide you with any specialty catering ideas. You can even customize your trays with Polish food catering that offers authentic and fresh food choices that will add wonderful new flavors to your party or event.
Make your event easy and impressive at the same time with some of our incredibly delicious trays. It’s party catering at its best.

Sweet Table - Food Catering Chicago

From the scrumptious to the delicately detailed, trust your local party catering specialists to create a glorious sweet table for your event. Whether you need to top off an evening with the perfect sweets or you are inviting guests to take part in a just-desserts event, you will be amazed at the huge selection of perfect deserts that offer exactly what you’re looking for. We can even provide a selection of fresh fruits for the health-conscious dessert lovers. Enjoy all that our catering services have to offer with an eye-popping display of tasty treats from our sweet table to yours.


You might be planning a corporate lunch, a lavish wedding or you may just need a prepared meal for your immediate family. No matter the reason, we offer local catering in Chicagoland to bring you affordable, high-quality delicious meals. We always provide a varied selection of healthy food catering in Chicagoland that’s ready for pickup or delivery to ensure your employees, family, and friends are happily fed. We have the finest catering food ideas in Chicagoland to help create your memorable dinner party, holiday celebration, or huge event. We will handle all of it to bring you hot, freshly prepared food that you and all your guests can enjoy with their eyes and their taste buds.

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Count on the best catering in Chicagoland to set your dinner table with the finest quality ingredients and the tastiest of meals. And if you’re not sure what you would like to serve, we are full of fantastic catering food ideas Chicagoland residents simply love. Try our famous Highlander’s Hat! Call us today or send us an email for details about this and other specialty catering in Chicagoland. For wonderful and joyous event catering in Chicagoland, you can’t beat our mouth-watering dishes, including our traditional Polish food. We will make sure your event, large or small, has all the right delicious food you need to make your guests feel welcome and happy. We invite you to contact us for more information about our scrumptious food catering services in Chicagoland.

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