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1. Kotlet Schabowy (Breaded and Fried Pork Chop) Traditionally served with mashed potatoes and pickled cabbage, the well-known kotlet schabowy is most likely the most popular and finest main course of Poland. Rest assured you will find it on the menu of nearly every Polish restaurant in the country. A filling, solid, safe meal, this […]

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10 of the Best Polish Fall Foods

About Polish Food Traditional Polish cuisine is complete bomb of calories, but if you try it once, you will not be able to resist the temptation to eat it again. It involves a variety of meats (chicken, pork, beef) and is widely known for its delicious sausages (better than German!) and exceptional bread. Read below […]

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Garden Party Dishes In Summer

Summer is known for all the parties filled with your closest friends and family. Therefore, you most certainly want a perfect night, one that everyone is going to remember. For this to be possible, a lot of planning is required in all aspects of the party, from the venue and the music. However, the most […]

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Polish cuisine roots

Poland is located directly in the center of the historical trade routes between Europe and Asia. Merchants would travel great distances to find amber as well as trade exotic spices and extraordinary culinary ideas. Although some of our Polish flavors were influenced by our neighbors, the minorities who have been living in Poland for centuries […]



If you’re office-bound, summer days and coconut-scented body products can feel awful. However, with fresh summer food catering ideas in Chicago can help ease the gap until the weekend comes around. A workplace can be more satisfactory if you eat with your colleagues. The best catering menus motivate colleagues at mealtime. Summer is the season […]


Best Catering Service Chicago

The highest demands for event catering in Chicago come from anniversaries, birthday parties, graduations, showers, and religious celebrations. Indeed, catering for a party in Chicago is becoming a must today for a stress-free event. As the best catering service in Chicago, we have a distinguished and dedicated team who continues to pursue the mastery of […]


Explore Polish culture in Chicago’s neighborhoods Authentic Polish food in Chicago

The history behind the place known as the “Polish Triangle” starts way back in the 1850s. Back then, when immigrants began settling down in Chicago, they formed different Polish communities in several neighborhoods. A famous area known today as “Old Polonia” is one of these communities that were already created in the past. Where Division, […]


Polish Open-Faced Sandwich

Poland has this atypical sandwich that leaves most foreigners bewildered! Imagine an open sandwich eaten by Poles at any given time of the day in which the top exposes all the ingredients and fillings. It may not conform to the ‘traditional’ deli sandwiches in Chicago that we are used to having, but it is gaining […]


Regional Alcoholic Drinks from Poland

No matter how varied your choices are of alcohol in Poland, vodka would always ring a bell! Surprisingly, Polish liquor stores offer more than meets the eye. Have ‘Polish whiskey’ or Golden Water ever graced your palate? Apart from these authentic liquors, Polish stores provide an array of alcohol from moonshine to light ciders and […]


Must Try Food From Poland

Polish food is very hearty and often contain a lot of calories and massive in its use of butter, cream, eggs, seasonings, and meats, making them very filling. But once you get to try a little of those, you will discover that they are delicious, worth putting on a few ounces. Poles spend a generous [...]
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What Makes Dumplings Such a Popular Polish Food?

Pierogi, which is the pluralized form of the word in Polish (whereas the singular is “pierog”), are among the most well-known and recognized Polish culinary staples in the world. They start off with a soft, plush-like, pastry dough exterior, that is later formed and shaped into small, half-moon dumplings. These dumplings can be stuffed with [...]