Must Try Food From Poland


Polish food is very hearty and often contain a lot of calories and massive in its use of butter, cream, eggs, seasonings, and meats, making them very filling. But once you get to try a little of those, you will discover that they are delicious, worth putting on a few ounces. Poles spend a generous amount of time preparing and enjoying their festive meals. Polish food is enriched with new flavors and sometimes exotic. They usually use beetroot, sauerkraut, cucumbers (pickles and gherkins), mushrooms, sausages, kohlrabi, sour cream, and different herbs and spices (marjoram, dill, caraway, parsley, and pepper) as the primary ingredients.

Dumplings or Pierogi is a Polish food that is extremely popular throughout the country. This food reminds the childhood flavor and the family of poles. This comfort food is satiating and hearty. The concept of polish allows them to experiment with stuffing. Meat, seasonal fruits, buckwheat, sauerkraut and mushrooms, sweet cottage cheese, or boiled potatoes with fried onions are some of the popular fillings. People love this dish because it can be eaten warm, cold, baked, or fried and is always served on Christmas.

Chicken Soup (Rosół) is the queen of Polish Soups and is considered as the nobles’ soup. Usually, polish people serve this with pasta of tagliatelle type or noodles. You need water, onion, small leeks, onions, green celery, parley, cabbage, and salt and pepper to prepare this dish. This chicken soup is always served on a cold day or Sunday’s family dinner. They called this rozol, which meant “make less salty” because the broth is the effect of long-term cooking of meat, which was preserved by salting and drying.

Polish pancakes (naleśniki) are thin pancakes like a crepe that will please your family or guests. Roll it, bake or pan-fry, this food is usually served as a breakfast or brunch. You can enjoy this either with sweet or savory fillings. Dip it in beaten egg and breadcrumbs before baking or frying. You can choose from cheese, jam, preserved or fresh fruits for the fillings. And top them with a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce.

Gołąbki is a popular and traditional Polish Dish. It is a cabbage roll stuffed with meat or meat and rice. It is commonly served during the festive season, garnished with fresh herbs and sour cream or tomato with mashed potatoes as sides. The word Gołąbki means little pigeons because of their compact size and shape. Today, Gołąbki is commonly served and also popular in the United States of America, especially in Polish-American communities.

For dessert, or if you are craving for sweets, or you have kids at home, try the Polish croissant cookies or Rogaliki. It is a fun dish to make with the kids because they can use their tiny hands to help pinch the dough into little pieces and forming it into crescent-moon shapes. This food is filled with jam and made of yeast and puff pastry.

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