What makes polish dumplings so popular polish food?


The dumplings are one of the most widely known and recognized polish dishes around the world. They’re made of the fluffy cake which is formed as small crescents. They can be stuffed with various toppings which are similar to other world-famous dumplings such as Japanese gyoza or Italian ravioli. Polish dumplings can be prepared sweet, salty and spicy. They’re very easy to prepare, because of their traditional cooking manner in salted water for a short time. They can also be fried in butter or lard.

There are many recipes for both cakes and fillings. Traditionally, Poles made very simple and classic dumplings using fresh, local and easily available ingredients. However, many contemporary Polish cuisines and households are experimenting with extravagant fillings and colorful additives that have transformed the dumpling from a simple, country dish into a really delicious and incredible thing.

For many Poles, the dumplings are a symbolic memory of the childhood flavours. Poles love dumplings not only because of their nostalgic features, but also because of the versatility of the dish and the original taste. Meat, spicy, cheese to fruity, sweet and, above all, delicious. Many Poles eat them at home and outside, because they are widely available in Polish supermarkets and restaurants. The dumplings are delicious even on the second day, you can then fry them in a pan with a little butter. And because they can be easily frozen, you don’t have to eat them all at once; instead, you can enjoy them from time to time.

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