Five Wedding Appetizers To Keep in Mind


When you are planning your wedding, every last detail counts.  All of the hard work and planning with experienced providers of wedding catering for your special day will result in a magical moment filled with family, friends, food, and love.  Although no detail is too small, when catering food, the menu you set for your wedding is an aspect that all of your guests will notice and thus an aspect all will be talking about.

Five Wedding Appetizers To Keep in Mind
Depending on your meal planning, you may choose to have appetizers instead of a main course or potentially have both.  No need to stress over the options, simply check out our list below and choose from our mouthwatering wedding appetizer options.

Not your everyday side salad. This salad can go beyond your wildest dreams.  There are many possibilities to customize and specialize your salad so that it matches the rest of your wedding.  Seasons, colors, cultures/customs, and favorite ingredients can all be incorporated into your wedding salad.

There’s nothing like a seafood appetizer to kick off a celebration in the tastiest way.  Any seafood can be included in order to complement the rest of your wedding menu.  Hawaiian and European recipes provide some very popular seafood appetizer presentations.  As polish food catering pros, clearly, we can provide delicious polish options such herring in oil with onion, roasted trout with almonds, or walleye with asparagus and lemon sauce.

If done properly, a fruit appetizer can impress your guest and offer them a healthy option at the same time.  We can prepare a variety of fruit appetizers such as fruit salad, fruit salsa, fruit pie bites, or any other fruit option you can imagine.  Fruit can be included with other menu items and is also a delicious option on its own.

Soup is another versatile appetizer option that can be customized to your event.  There are some more popular soups such as red borscht, tripe soup, and the famous Polish wedding soup.

Guilty Pleasure Foods
Some weddings feature decadent late-night appetizers or post happy hour snacks. These are often indulgent guilty pleasure foods that have been re-designed into appetizers.  Fried treats, sliders, pasta dishes and roasted potatoes are only some of the items you can customize in order to treat your wedding guests.