Getting To Know The Art Of Polish Kielbasa Recipes: A Food Adventure


Polish food has a lot of history, and the beloved polish kielbasa recipe is one of its most famous meals. People in Poland love this tasty sausage because it has savory tastes and can be used in many different ways in cooking. Today, we’re going to look into Polish kielbasa recipes and find out how to make the best Polska Kiełbasa Surowa, or raw Polish sausage.

Things used:

1.5 kg of pork that is lean

45 grams of peklosol (curing salt)

6 grams of pepper powder

6 grams of sugar

3 grams of marjoram

2 grams of thyme

1 and a half garlic cloves

How To Do It:

1. Get the pork ready by cutting off any veins and extra fat.

2. Cut the pork into small pieces, and then use a meat grinder with small holes to grind it twice.

3. Put the meat in a glass jar and add curing salt. Make sure the meat is well mixed.

4. Wrap the dish in foil and put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

5. Once the meat has been cured, add the following spices along with the curing salt:

  • Grated garlic
  • Thyme 
  • Marjoram
  • Sugar

6. Make sure to mix the filling well so that all the spices are spread out evenly and mixed into the meat. The next step can begin when the liquid turns sticky.

7. Put the pork mixture into pig skins to make sausage links that are about 15 cm long. To get rid of any air pockets, roll the sausage slowly and use a needle to poke any bubbles.

8. The kielbasa is cold-smoked for a few days until it turns a light brown color. This gives it a strong smoky taste. You should hang the kielbasa in a cool place for three days after cooking it to let it get better.

Have Fun With Your Homemade Polska Kiełbasa Surowa!

Enjoy Polska Kiełbasa Surowa from Montrose Food Mart & Deli, which tastes amazing and has a homemade flavor. This sausage is great for cooking, frying, or stewing and will make your food taste better. You can get a real taste of Polish food with our polish kielbasa recipes and all the ingredients you can find in our Market. It tastes great!

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