Happy New Year in Polish- Szczesliwego Nowego Roku

Crowd watching fireworks

Everyone knows that Poles like to eat and drink well – it’s time to prepare for the New Year’s feast. Every opportunity is good to meet friends, on such a special day as New Year’s Eve, champagne and small snacks are not enough.
If this year you plan to host dinner party for friends or family.
We’ll help you make your evening unforgettable. Make it easy and stock up on all necessary delicious ready made dishes with us. Greet everyone with cocktails and small sandwiches. You can serve a warm Hunters Stew (bigos) for the main meal. Prepare hot potatoes with butter and sprinkled with parsley. If you plan to invite a lot of guests, think about adding another dish. Remember, Poles like to eat well. Try our famous smoked sausage buy two or three varieties and cut it into slices, serve with the traditional Beets With Horseradish garnish. they are perfect as a vodka appetizer. Don’t forget about eggs with mayonnaise, they are easy to prepare and very tasty.
Certainly, there should be some sweet options, donuts and cheesecake are always a good idea. Preparation of such an event sounds time consuming, save time and nerves by buying all these ready and delicious dishes in our market.

People love to celebrate the New Year with drinks and lots of food. A glass of champagne and a table with heavy hot dishes are standard in Poland. To prepare for the celebration, Poles stock up alcohol, meat, and ready meals to welcome New Year’s eve. Visit a Polish store in Chicago to find Polish delicatessen for your family.