christmas table setting

Christmas catering in Chicago is very popular for both corporate events and individual family gatherings. As the finest of the catering companies in Chicago, we are here to provide the most wonderful Polish dishes and deliver your feast for your Christmas Eve dinner, at the office, or at home. You can expect our special Christmas catering in Chicago to include delicious appetizers, soups, a variety of main courses, and desserts. Choose your favorite traditional Polish dishes.

Christmas is a special time for so many reasons, not the least of which is the food, the beautiful decorations typically seen during this time of year, and the general feeling of warmth and love. Our Polish food catering in Chicago reflects that in rich flavors and fantastic presentation.

Try any of our specially made dishes from our menu for a full-flavored array of traditional Polish dishes, all brought to you by our local Polish food market in Chicago. From appetizers to soups, to main courses and desserts, our food mart in Chicago can create them all for you so you can enjoy a very merry Christmas. Here are some of our traditional Christmas dishes found at our Polish store in Chicago:
Openers: Red borscht plain, Red borscht with tortellini, Mushroom soup, Sour soup with mushroom and Cream of boletus
Mains: Greek-style fish, Breaded fried swaii, Breaded cod, Breaded carp fillet, Swaii with vegetables, Baked trout with herbs and butter, Baked salmon with vegetables, Walleye with spinach and tomatoes
Sides: Pierogi with cabbage and mushroom, Pierogi with sauerkraut and mushroom, Pierogi with potato and cheese, Pierogi with cheese, Tortellini with mushroom, Croquettes with cabbage and mushroom, Sauerkraut and mushrooms rolls in puff pastry

There is nothing like a traditional Polish Christmas dinner, and you can enjoy it with a simple order that we can deliver to you from our specialized Polish catering services in Chicago.