Learn How To Cook Polish Kielbasa Like a Pro


Real Polish kielbasa is truly unique, as anyone who has tried it will attest. This popular sausage is a mainstay in Polish cooking. It is full of flavor and made with care. But have you ever thought about how to cook Polish kielbasa in your own kitchen? Let’s find out how this delicious food is made.

Things Used:

Two to three days
7 kg of meat
2 kg of bacon
2 kg of pork neck
3 kg of ham
Two grams per kilogram of black pepper
1g/kg for marjoram
21g/kg of salt
4 grams/kg for whole mustard seeds
2g/kg of sugar
7g/kg for fresh garlic
Cases for hogs
How To Do It:

Getting Ready: Make pieces out of the meat after washing it. Put the pork neck and ham together, and then add the bacon one at a time. Put Prague powder #1 on top of the meat, mix it well, and then let it sit for 48 hours.
Grinder: Use a 13mm screen to grind the meat after 48 hours. Mix in all the spices until the mixture becomes sticky. Put the mix into hog skins that have been soaked in water first.
Smoking And The Setting: The kielbasa needs to be hung for two to three hours to set. Warm up your smoker to get rid of any wetness. Put the kielbasa in the smoker and let it dry until it feels like paper. Then smoke it between 40°C and 50°C for about three hours, or until it turns the color you want. The best kielbasa is when it hangs out for two days and dries out slowly.
Polish kielbasa cooking is more than just a job; it’s an art. You can make kielbasa that tastes just as good as those made in central Poland if you use the right products, follow the right steps, and are patient. Now that you have these steps and the food you need, you can enjoy real Polish food in the comfort of your own home.

You can grill, pan-fry, or add Polish kielbasa to your favorite meals to make them taste even better. It will take you to the streets of Krakow or Warsaw. Put on an apron, follow the custom, and enjoy the rich, meaty goodness of Polish kielbasa that you made yourself. Delicious!

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