Real Polish Sausage Recipes: Master Cooking With Homemade Smoked Sausage


Would you want to include some real Polish tastes into your repertoire of recipes? You just need look at the classic appeal of Polish sausage recipes. A real landmark within the complex tapestry of Polish cuisine, the beloved kiełbasa is prized for its strong tastes and adaptability in recipes. And making your own smoked sausage is the best approach to really appreciate Polish food.

Let’s get right into a classic Polish sausage recipes that will take your taste senses to the quaint streets of Poland.

Homemade Smoked Polish Sausage Recipes:


One kilogram of meat without bones
Pig fatback weighing one kilogram
Six garlic cloves
Four teaspoons of salt
Six meters of thin intestinal casing
Spring water, 1.5 litres
Grind one teaspoon of allspice.
Three pork necks deboned
One sachet of black pepper, ground


Ready The Flesh: Start by cleaning and chopping the pig fatback and flesh into smaller pieces. Then, using a meat grinder fitted with coarse holes, grind them both together.
Set Up The Brine: Steam the spring water, then let it cool. To the chilled water, add the salt and the remaining spices. Add the garlic cloves, having peeled and pressed them, to the mixture. Stir the meat mixture into the prepared brine and use your hands to completely knead it. The meat ought to take up the water and loosen up.
Marinate The Meat: Put the meat mixture in a stone container (like the one used to pickle cucumbers) and let it in a cool area for about six hours to marinade. Make careful that at this point the meat does not sour.
Fill In The Casings: Fill the thin Intestinal casings securely with the meat mixture using a specific attachment on the meat grinder after marinating. Every 40 cm or as you want, make loops.
Smoke The Sausage: Put the grilled sausages in a smoker after hanging them on smoking sticks. Give them four to five hours of warm alderwood smoke.
Cool And Serve: After smoking, take the sausages out of the smoker and enable them to cool in a well-ventilated place. Slicing them when they cool, serve them with your preferred baked bread.


Making your own smoked sausage is an adventure through the rich history of Polish cooking as much as a gastronomic one. Adopting a real Polish sausage recipes will improve your culinary abilities and tantalize your palate with the classic Polish tastes. So get your supplies, put on your cooking gloves, and go on a gourmet journey that honors the skill of created delicacy.

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