Summer is such a great year to get a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people have a vegetable garden or an allotment that they “farm,” or they’re likely to know someone who is growing organic vegetables and will buy several kilos to enjoy later in the year. It’s not uncommon to have a meal at a friend’s home and find out that they grew different produce themselves with a few lettuce plants, tomatoes, herbs, etc.

Take note, though, and you do not need to grow your own vegetables and fruit to enjoy them, you can also get them in our Polish store in Chicago. You’ll find fresh and frozen local fruit as well as vegetables.

One of the refreshing cold soups made from sour milk, young beet stems, cucumbers, thickened red beetroot juice, and lemon juice is Chłodnik. It’s seasoned with dill, chives, and served with a peeled, boiled egg cut in half.

Now, on a warmer day, few dishes can match the appeal of a nice, chilled bowl of chlodnik. The best tip is not to boil the beet stems. The strips of the stems added to this thick soup should be pleasantly crunchy, just as the strips of fresh cucumbers that accompany them. Chłodnik not only is tasty but also has a beautiful fuchsia color.

The famous universal dumpling of Poland is pierogi. It is known across the world and can be stuffed with almost any ingredient possible. First, they need to be boiled and can be served as such or fried on the pan to make them crispy. One of the popular variations includes white cheese and potato, and cabbage as well as mushrooms. During the Summer, pierogi are usually sweet, stuffed with fruit and served with cream. The fruit pierogi are typically boiled rather than friends, though Polish restaurants are beginning to offer increasingly fanciful variations.

One of the best things about fruit soup is it offers a lot of freedom to the cook. If you want strawberry soup, go for it! Maybe a cherry one? No problem. All you need is to mix various fruits together and make a multi-flavored soup. It can be served hot or cold, with noodles or without. Some people even like theirs with puff pastry croutons.

The only ingredients that you need to make your own scrumptious fruit soup are sugar, sweet cream, water, a bit of flour, and any fruit that you fancy. Some popular choices are currants, raspberries, and bilberries.

A popular Mediterranean dish is pasta with red sauce and cheese. However, it also describes noodles with strawberries and white cheese, which is a classic Polish summertime dish. It is usually made with short noodles, such as Fusilli. It is one of the famous Polish delicatessens.

After being boiled in salted water, the noodles are coated with a save made by pureeing strawberries with vanilla sugar. The composition is garnished with halved strawberries and small chunks of white cheese (quark).

You can try all this summer Polish food so that you can reminisce about the taste of Poland. All of the ingredients are available in our Polish grocery store in Chicago. Visit our food market so you can create scrumptious food!