Polish store in Chicago – Polish food and products available near you!


Outside of Poland you will find the largest community of Polish people in the United States of America. There are over 10 million Poles or people of Polish descent living in the USA according to data collected by the United States Census Bureau in 2009. When the Poles came to the USA, they brought with them their traditions and of course their food. Pierogi, pączki and krupnik arrived with the Polish immigrants as early as in the second half of the 19th century. Here at Montrose Food & Deli we specialize in polish food and still follow the recipes and traditions originally brought all the way from Poland.

In our polish store section in Chicagoland, you will also find authentic Polish products, foods and drinks imported from the homeland. You can feel at home amongst the familiar labels and ingredients and we are sure to surprise you with our large selection. The traditional products in our mini food mart are sourced directly from Polish distributors.
Not only will you find your favorites from Poland but also other famous delicacies sourced from across the seas.
Our food market also boasts a large selection of domestic and European products besides the Polish offerings. We offer daily delivery services to ensure that you receive the highest quality and fresh products including fresh meat and dairy products. We also have a wide array of top quality domestic and imported sausages and cheese at surprisingly affordable prices. Our prized fish section contains all kinds of fish. You can choose between fresh, marinated, and smoked options along with a variety of seafood. Each department contains a selection of organic products and there are many options to pick through in our selection of domestic and imported wine, beer and other liquor. We are proud of our attractive prices to keep your favorites within your reach.

Besides all the products in our food market we also have a polish deli section where you can find many traditional Polish dishes to choose from. Our chefs specialize in Polish cuisine and proudly offer you various dishes from hot dishes, soups to salads. All our food is made fresh every day and you can select from our hot buffet. You can also have your favorite delivered across the city.
We have branches in various locations so find the one closest to you and pay us a visit. It is well worth the trip. You can also phone us or visit our website to place an order. Come and enjoy a shopping experience with a difference and fresh delicious Polish food.