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Craving for Polish delights? Well, you are in for a treat! When in Europe, you cannot miss the polish meats and cold cuts. The good thing is you can enjoy them anywhere you are in the world!

Go ahead and relive your favorite dishes with a convenient European deli right in Chicago. Savor the flavors, aroma, and texture of your comfort Polish food. Our Polish deli in Chicago offers everything from smoked polish sausage to pork fatback to sandwich-style ham. We also have a generous selection of smoked cooked bacon rolls, head cheese, and cooked pork hocks for your gastronomic delight.

Feel free to cook our meaty goods however you desire. Turn them into a main dish with potatoes or pair them with cucumbers in brine. Cook up a feast for your loved ones with fresh ingredients from our delicatessen in Chicago. When preparing Polish meat in different dishes, you can never go wrong in preparing it with soup. Cook up a bean stew, beef tripe soup, or polish sour soup. Another fine recipe is stuffing the meat in the cabbage for a crunchy snack. Chop up the meat or cut it in slices and you got a nice plate of sandwiches like paprikash with salmon.

You must love Polish meat if you are all for natural ingredients. They do not contain water or preservatives, making them fresh, healthy, and tender for any kind of Polish dish you want to recreate. You can end your search for a Polish market near you with our delicatessen near you in Chicago.

If you feel like doing a recipe that is simply one for the books, go ahead and recreate an ancient recipe and get the best ingredients from our food mart. Polish dishes may be full of calories but they are highly filling and delicious. Polish cold cuts come associated with a variety of names including hunter sausage, kabanos, bigos, and, of course, the famous pierogies.

With the love of meat aside, Poles also love soups and salads. Try out different soups from our Polish deli located in Chicago. Our grocery store can offer you everything from white borsch to pea soup to broccoli soup. When it comes to our salads, enjoy having a taste of our vegetable courses from our deli in Chicago such as marinated champignon or our vegetarian sauerkraut stew with mushrooms and shredded red beets. Have everything you want and more from our delicatessen around Chicago. Discover exciting flavors and different cuisines from a convenient food market near you.